When some people plan decorating the living room, strive to combine each element, even furniture. While this style can be impressive, you can also look artificial, like a copy of the pages of a magazine. If you’re the type of person who enjoys the mismatched furniture, let your imagination and places the chairs in your home to various different ways.

At the corners

Four places one of unequal in each of the four corners of the room to reduce the visual impact of the seats of different styles seats. This location is ideal especially if you do not want your guests notice the lack of combination of the seats. In most rooms, if a person stands in the center of the room will not be able to see the four corners at the same time; thus not necessarily the seats will look out of place.

living room

Around the table

In many living rooms is common armchairs placed around a coffee table or central meeting area. When you have mismatched chairs, if the place yourself in this way draw attention to the fact that they are not equal. However, if the rest of the decor of the room also combines with armchairs, they will not look out of place. Also, locate the seats around a table is very functional, ideal for guests feature when you offer a meeting.

Around a central object

Whether the seats combine or not, would be ideal to place them around a central object in the room. According to the style and the use of the environment, the central object could be a fireplace or TV. Place the chairs in a semicircle around the object, so that each faces the object, but at the same time who sit in the seats can converse comfortably with others.

Near a window

If you and your guests spend much time sitting in armchairs in the living room and watching the scenery through a large window, you place them around the window. According to the arrangement and size of the room, and the location of the window, trying to locate two seats on each side of the window, at an angle, or the four chairs in a semicircle facing the window.