When the tap water from a kitchen lost, loose parts, or shows other signs of wear, it’s time to do some work on it. The first order of business when it comes to solving problems with a tap of the kitchen , is to identify the manufacturer. Knowing the manufacturer helps locate the faucet model number to find spare parts. Because spare parts for faucets kitchen are usually not interchangeable between different brands, the exact manufacturer of the faucet is important so you can find repair tips, find replacement parts, and be on the road to easy resolution problem.
manufacturer of a kitchen faucet


Look at the base of the faucet where the rod fits in the sink faucet. Often the name of the manufacturer of the faucet will be engraved on the base. Look on the front and the back of the base, looking logos that are identifiable. Use a magnifying glass, if necessary, to see closely the possible marks.

Research the faucet handle to find identifying marks. Draw or write the appearance of marks to find, and save for later research purposes.
Look at other faucets in the house.
Walk in the residence and look at other faucets in the house to find identifying marks. Most builders use the same manufacturer for all plumbing fixtures, and this can make it easier for you to find the manufacturer. Locate the paperwork refers to when the house was built, because the faucet and plumbing accessories can appear on a check sheet that the buyer had to pass. Ask the neighbors who had the same manufacturer who made ​​their faucets kitchen .

Do a search on the Internet to determine which manufacturer made ​​your faucet. Start with reputable manufacturers to increase your chances of finding a match. Visit manufacturer websites and look for products that are similar to your faucet kitchen today. Many manufacturers of plumbing fixtures have an application on their web sites “id tap”.

Take a picture of your faucet and email it to the customer service departments of various manufacturers of faucets. Customer service may be able to help with the identification of the faucet.