If you have just moved to a new home or have had your home redesigned and have ended up with a small bathroom space, don’t panic. Having a super small bathroom might not be ideal, but of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is the best space to be small.

You might be wondering what we mean, but let us just explain. While having a small bathroom can be irritating, it’s much better than having a tiny living room or kitchen. You don’t live in your bathroom, you just visit it throughout the day.

Remember, just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t design a fantastic space. To help you design and fit your dream bathroom into a tiny space, we have come up with these five handy design tips, below:

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  1. Opt for a corner sink

Depending on how small the space is, sometimes even a pedestal sink can take up too much space. So instead, why not opt for a corner sink?

In a small space, placing a corner sink in an unused area of the bathroom will free up some space in the middle of the room, making it easier to navigate. Plus, by incorporating a corner sink into the room, you can take advantage of every inch of spare space.

  1. Invest in a round vanity

In small spaces, corners are a nightmare and often result in sore, bruised hips. Save yourself some pain and invest in a rounded vanity instead of a square one. And yes, before you ask, a round vanity can work in a square space.

In case you are wondering whether having a vanity, as well as a sink is necessary, that depends on how much storage space the room has. Every bathroom, big or small, needs somewhere to store clean towels and linen.

  1. Invest in a corner shower

In a small bathroom, where there simply isn’t enough room for a bath, having a good shower is a must.

Instead of attempting to add a rounded shower into your bathroom, why not consider a corner entry shower enclosure? A corner entry shower enclosure will make the most of the space you have, and may even allow you to have a slightly larger shower area.

  1. Include a long mirror

In a small bathroom, it can sometimes seem impossible for two people to get ready at once, but not if you include a long mirror. By adding a long mirror to the space, not only will you make the room appear larger, but you will also ensure that two people can get ready at once.

  1. Mount a towel bar on the door

When space is tight, and there is no room on the walls for a towel bar, mounting a bar on the shower door is ideal. It will allow you to keep towels handy, and up off the floor.

Of course, you might need to store most of your towels in a nearby airing cupboard, but at least you can keep a couple of towels on hand.

A small bathroom might seem like a bit of a nightmare, but if you are smart with the design, you can create a fantastic space.