The bathrooms of our houses are usually small and have little space to store the various accessories. In this article we tell you how to make a shelf for your bathroom in an easy way. You’ll see how your bathroom is with a very modern style as well as staff. The new shelf lets you store all your accessories. To make it just need an old wooden chair.

old wooden chair

Choose an old wooden chair that you have in your home or home some relative or friend. Pascale a cloth to remove dust and dirt that may have.

With a short saw the chair back and forth, leaving third seat with backrest. That is, you have to cut two-thirds of the chair seat.

The next step is to cut the two legs of the chair you have left in the part you cut, the two rear legs of the chair.

When you have cut chair and you’ve only been going to the third seat with backrest and legs that you were in the third (the hind legs) have to sand the entire surface for tidying up. After sanding the piece, you have to remove dust with a cloth.

The next step is to paint the wood piece (you have obtained the old wooden chair). You must apply two coats of paint, allowing to dry between coats.

When the paint is dry, the next step is to screw the decorative knobs of your choice and combine with the rest of your bathroom. You have to tighten the knobs on what had previously been the hind legs of the old chair.

Finally you have to place two hooks on the thickness of which was the seat on the piece you’ve already painted and can hang on the wall. The way to hang the piece is as if the chair hung upside down, the seat looks at the floor and legs (where the knobs) facing the ceiling. So that the backing is exposed.

Now you can enjoy your new shelf to store the products you want and you can use the back of the new ledge, previously was supported by the old chair to hang towels.