The lounge is the place par excellence for your guests. So have it decorated and organized is like your letter to friends and family. We are starting the year are weeks of good intentions, so it is a good time to redesign your living room and put it in tune with the time in which you live. Let’s talk about how to design the room.

Discern the color, one of the keys

To make your living room a cozy place is important to properly select the color of your walls. The most appropriate for this part of the house are the warm colors, say yellow, red, orange and green hues. Similarly, you can use more neutral colors like white, light gray or beige. The above colors are suggestions apply to furniture, textiles and decorative objects.
At this time of year, it is important to seek warmth to your living room. Therefore, in addition to thinking about the colors, you should consider what textures offer this feeling. The wood provides a touch originate your living room, while making it more pleasant in terms of temperature.

the room

Haves in your living room

Mistakenly, many times we think that our room looks different and conforms to the seasons have to change everything. If your economy allows, renew, totally, from time to time is great, but it is an unnecessary expense if you do not walk so well from his pocket. In the fall and winter is important to take advantage of natural lighting. Remember these days darker than usual, and a well lit room usually associated not only clear but cleanly.

Create space and give more light

To enhance the lighting always uses clear, light colored textiles do not place any object in front of the windows. Arriving at night, try to find your room is well lit artificially so your guest does not have to squint or feel uncomfortable. For places of living that require more lighting attempts to place secondary lamps or candles. To make your living room look more spacious and clear attempts to place the highest and bulky furniture against the wall and clears the walkways. Leave 30 cm between sofa and coffee table, and at least 80 between the living and dining. However, you should separate them visually by an object. A good way to warn if your changes are appropriate is through a photograph. Looking at her you will know what living area you have to work.

Conveys warmth with rugs and cushions

To decorate your living room in autumn and winter you can use carpet, which during the summer are not appropriate but in winter give warmth to your home. It is also recommended to decorate the room with flowers of the time, cushions and poufs. You can also use pictures, photos and books, the latter give the home a cult and classic tone. December is also a good month for general cleaning. Shake your furniture and out of circulation what you do not like or do not use. These objects only detract organization and cleaning the house.