In this DIY work, we are going to see systematically how to make a simple interlaced headboard created with slats of wood decorated with fabric of curtain. With simple and inexpensive materials such as wooden slats and an old blind we will create the indispensable complement for a bed.


With wooden slats rectangular and circular we assemble the structure that will be the base of the headboard. In addition, recycling an old blind we will get several strips with which we will cover that base giving it color and personality. Once we have our piece we just have to hang it from the wall and we can enjoy a new headboard.

  • Thread Tools
  • Squad
  • Keyhole saw.
  • Cutting blade for wood
  • Column drill
  • Drill bit Ø 30mm
  • Orbital sander
  • Fine-grained sandpaper
  • Ø 6mm wood drill bit.
  • Mace
  • Gags
  • Stapler
  • Materials
  • Wood strip of pine 60x30cm
  • Round wooden beech Ø 30mm
  • Wood glue
  • Satin aerosol varnish
  • Clamp lamps.

Step 1

The first thing we will do will be to cut all the slats with the saw as we like the headboard. As our bed is 1.30 meters, we will make a headboard of 1.80 so that on a little by the sides.

Step 2

On the rectangular strips, we drilled blind holes with the column bore and a drill bit of the diameter of the other circular strips.

Step 3

change the bit for another one for wood and we realize the blind holes also that will serve us later to hang the head of two escapees in the wall.

Step 4

Sand all the strips with fine-grained sandpaper.

Step 5

Begin to assemble the structure by applying white glue to the blind holes. Introduce the circular strips and with a hammer, we hit them to reach the top. Protect and highlight the grain of the wood with a satin varnish in spray. Cut an old blind in several strips, the thickness will depend on our taste.

Put those interlaced strips on the vertical strips. We fix them with staples to the slats and cut the surplus. For the headboard I have two points of light, we hold the clamp lamps on both sides of the headboard. In this way, we will have a new cheap and simple wooden headboard.