Apartment living is traditionally for single and upwardly mobile young people. As soon as the word ‘family’ is mentioned, however, people tend to run to the suburbs and buy a house. Of course, this is the ideal situation for most people, but for others, it may not be so simple.

The recent housing crash has shown us that we all live in a very volatile world, where things can change almost overnight. And there are those that have to stay put in their apartments due to affordability issues, or other commitments. But, while it’s clear that family life can be affected by apartment living, but it’s not as bad as you might think. The big question is, how do you make it work? Let’s take a look.

Apartment living

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Area is key

The core principle of making apartment life work for you is choosing the right area. You will need to be near lots of facilities for your kids – think playgrounds, sports fields, and, of course, excellent schools. Build up a shortlist of different locations and be sure to thoroughly research every last detail. What are the school’s successes? Is the crime rate concerning? Do the local children and teenagers have hope of a future? These are all key questions you need to ask.


Next, you need to think about security. If you or your partner are in the military, you could be in luck. Military apartments are often in gated areas and everyone looks out for each other. While others may not be so lucky, they can, however, use it as an inspiration. Is there a good community feeling in the apartment block? Does the owner hire security? You also need to think about basic safety for your kids. Living near a busy road will cause many problems down the line, as will unsafe balconies.


We have already touched on some of the facilities you will need while raising a family in an apartment block. But it’s worth a deeper look at the block itself. Your kids won’t have access to a garden, so it is essential that you have a safe outside space for your kids to use. Look for clean and well-maintained communal areas; preferably with some kind of playground. It should also be sealed off from roads, either walled-in completely or with a locked gate. As your kids get older, they will want to explore, and won’t hesitate to escape. It’s one of the problems you may not imagine while you are out viewing, so please bear it in mind.


Finally, let’s take a look at the space inside your apartment. Your kids will need room to breathe – and so will you. It’s important to have areas of the home you can all call your own, so make it yours. Privacy may become an issue at some point, especially as your kids grow older, but there shouldn’t be many problems when they are small. Apart from laundry issues. There will be plenty of those!. Your children are also likely to irritate the neighbors at some point, and they are likely to irritate you. Don’t forget, you may have people on either side of you and above and below you. That in itself can make you feel cramped, regardless of how big your apartment is. So, to make it feel like you have more space and privacy, make sure your apartment is well sound-proofed.

We hope this little piece has helped you see how you can make apartment life work for your family. Around a quarter of the nation’s families live in apartments, and many have a great time. Life, as they say, is what you make it!