There are two key elements to make a room seem larger. The first is physical. A small space can quickly accumulate many things. It’s a challenge to keep everything organized and look great at the same time but can be done. The second is the power of illusion. Learn the tricks to make a room look bigger will help a lot to see that the space look more attractive.
room look


Clear the room. Get everything you do not use regularly. Store it, donate it or throw it away.

Buy function as storage furniture, such as a bank or ottoman that opens to hide the items you normally use. Be sure to use the space under the sofa, chairs, beds and wardrobes .
Choose small furniture in light colors. The wood is lighter than the overstuffed furniture. Atiborres not much furniture in the room. If you need extra seating when visitors come, bring some folding chairs and put them when they leave. Sofas and chairs without arms will help the place look more spacious.

The lines horizontal make a room seem larger. Paint lines horizontal on the walls, or find a subtly striped paper.

Combine the color of the curtains with the color of the walls. Hang taller and wider than the window curtains. This will give the illusion of a larger wall and let in more light when open.

Keep decor simple. Less is better in a small room. Groups the like. A larger decorative element in a table can make a difference as many small elements and not gorge space. Use art on the walls that is clear and low. Mirrors reflect light and trick the eye making the room look more spacious.

Take advantage of the natural light available leaving open the curtains open during the day. At night, it illuminates every corner of the room with different lighting, lamps, lighting shade, chandeliers and track lighting. If you have a library in the room, also ilumínala night.