Painting a home or commercial place is the toughest job in the world according to me. But when you paint the home in a new color, it looks awesome and refreshes your mind and life.

Three years back, my husband and I decided to paint our home by ourselves even though we both don’t like to paint. We hardly found any cost-effective painting services in any area, which guaranteed we would have to use any quality service with an affordable fee.

Moreover, even if we found any prices that looked good on their websites or seemed to have good prices, the customer review revealed the true story of their services. So, it was difficult and troublesome to trust any company to get the painting done and done correctly. It was then that we decided to do our own house painting.


After painting the entire house, some problems arose when we saw our whole house turned into a disaster site. We both were tired and hardly wanted to sort the furniture or clean up the spilled color from the surfaces.

Nowadays, painters follow some better methods to prevent cleanup painting tools and materials from the beginning before painting starts. Commercial painters of any place assure the best and cleanest services. There are some ways one can actually maintain post painting cleanness easily. In this blog I am going to share such seven important tips which will make your painting experiences better:

  • When staring to paint the room, you can cover the whole room with pieces of newspapers or mats so that the color does not drop on the floor but on the paper. After finishing the work, you can easily take off the sheet so tidiness can be assured.
  • Following a systematic approach before starting the painting may help. For example if the house has three bedrooms with a living room,dining room, and kitchen, you can divide the whole place in to three portions to make it easier to get the work done.
  • Use a paint comb to clean the bristles of your brush. After cleaning, shake the extra water from your brush and squeeze the excess water from your roller. After that please hang your brush by the handle to allow the water to drain down and out of the metal band.
  • Do you know how to take care of the paint roller which you had used for painting? Paint rollers: use the curved side of a 5-in-1 tool to scrap off as much paint as possible back into the bucket. If you used oil-based paint, discard roller.
  • When removing masking tape from the edges of windows and carpet edges, always make sure the paint is dry first and peel the tape off gently – never rip it off quickly. Any paint on windowpanes can be scraped off with a bladed scraper. The glass can then be washed and polished with chamois leather. Professionals recommend waiting two weeks before having interior or exterior windows professionally cleaned after the trim is painted. It can take paint this long to thoroughly dry and cure.
  • Clean tools such as edger’s, scrapers and paint trays, immediately after completing the paint job to prevent the paint drying permanently on them, and wipe dry to prevent rust. Use warm, soapy water to remove latex paint. Use mineral spirits or paint thinner to remove oil paint.
  • Finally you can make a checklist about the work that needs to be done and then do the work according to the checklist.

These are some tips to make the work easier for the painters. If you follow these steps, then it’s easy to get the best result. But in more recent days, there are several companies that maintain both quality and neatness while providing complete painting services at an affordable cost. It’s up to you whether you will do the painting or hire painting services, but one thing is sure, neatness is very important.

Painting your home and office is often a major necessity, and when painters provide top-quality service, it becomes easy to make your house beautiful like a new home. Life has many dreams and hobbies, and in order to fulfill them, we need better quality services at an affordable price.


Author’s biography:

Jim Rego, the author of this article, wrote about post-painting problems that people generally face. Moreover, he explains the necessity of hiring an expert hand in case of the home or commercial painting.