We all want to have more space where we live but sometimes it’s just not possible. If you’re having a problem working out how you can make your lounge seem more spacious in your apartment, then there are a number of really good ways to make that happen.

You just need to think it through and be bold and inventive with what you do with your space. It may seem small at the moment, but you can make a real difference to how people feel when they come into it.

Your home’s focal point

Just remember that it’s your living room that people will usually see first, so you want to make it as inviting and as comfortable as possible. A small apartment can be a great start to your life when you’re renting or buying a home, and you may choose the smaller unit or just have to have something smaller to start with because it’s necessary for you.

lounge designs

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what you want to have in your lounge. The one thing to avoid is to clutter it with things that are inessential. You may have lots of little objects that you’d like to display, but be sparing and choose things that will draw the eye.

Look at your color scheme

Color is so often the key to making your lounge look more spacious. The lighter and brighter your walls and other décor are, the more you will create that sense of space. Dark colors close in a room, and though they might be fine for a teenager’s bedroom, they won’t work in your living space. Think of light colors such as pale green and blue, white or cream, which help lift the room and add the sense of a larger space.

Choose your furniture carefully

We’d all like to have lots of places for family and friends to sit, but again realism has to play its part in a smaller area. Too many chairs and occasional tables are just going to get in the way. You’re back to clutter here – when your room is too “busy” it detracts from the sense of space you want to have.

A corner sofa is a great space saver, comfortable and stylish, which allows the rest of the lounge to be opened up. You could use scatter cushions as well as smaller, but still comfortable, chairs for when you have a few visitors.

Walls and floors

You know about wall colors now, but think about what to put on them in terms of pictures. Don’t make them overpowering; look to blend your decor with what you put on your walls. Gentle landscapes can add depth to a room, and mirrors are also ideal for conveying a feeling that the room is bigger than it is.

New beginnings

It’s never easy to get it right, but if you take the time to think and plan how to get the design right for your small lounge, you’ll get a space that is comfortable for you and anyone who visits.