The floor plans are open concept popular in the design of modern houses. Result in the open places ample space flows into the next. So overall , a kitchen area and living room open concept refers to a room and choose colors to paint can be a challenge. With the numerous color options available, decide which will work best with your style of design can be mind boggling. But before you decide on white, you take your time to learn about the color choice.

paint a kitchen and living room


Une kitchen and living room. Paint the area with a color. Choose a neutral color for joining rooms without overloading furniture and architectural elements.


Applies the same color tones. Select a primary color. Check the color samples for two lighter shades of the same color. Paints an area with the main color. Use the intermediate color in the other space. Highlight architectural features with the lighter shade.
Choose three complementary colors. Go on a color wheel colors that are opposite each other. These are not complementary colors and shades of the same color. A complementary color would be a warm color like orange. The opposite color would be a cool color like blue. Choose lighter shades of complementary colors for a quiet atmosphere and deeper tones for more impact.

Consider the other colors in the room. Look at the colors of the kitchen cabinets, moldings and architectural features as the mantel and columns. Take into consideration the colors of upholstery and furniture and choose colors that complement and are not mixed with them.

Choose colors that go with your decor. For example, you can opt for a grayish blue, colonial red and mustard for a picnic space, while a large room with Tuscan style requires earth tones like gold and muted greens.

Highlight the frame of the window or the architectural features with a bright color as the primary blue. Paint the wall adjacent to a light shade of orange.

Lower the shades of one color or two complementary colors by adding white to your color scheme. Use it on things like carpeting and wall finishes in one of the colors. Paint the ceiling and the frames of the windows and door in white.