The heart of the home is often the kitchen. More and more of us want a large kitchen, so we can turn this functional space into the hub of the house. The kids can do their homework at the table while we’re cooking the meal. We can entertain guests while we’re making coffees. And it might even provide the space we want for relaxing. This kind of kitchen is often called a family room these days. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, then you’ll need the essentials of a features-packed family room.

Opening up your home to become more open plan isn’t always easy. It’s best to hire a builder that can detect which walls are hiding electrics and plumbing. If you make a mistake, it can be very costly to put right. A big open-plan space could get quite cold on a winter’s day. Underfloor heating can help to make sure the room is still cozy all year round. Even if you put a rug down, you should still feel the benefits of the warmth.

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Most family rooms have a TV. As so much TV is available on demand through a wireless internet connection, you may not need to worry about finding an aerial socket. However, if you usually use a sitting room, it can be handy not to miss the action on TV. Installing a socket in your kitchen is something that can be done when you chase the new wiring.

Lighting is very important in the kitchen, for the sake of safety. The hob area should be well illuminated. You may also choose to have ceiling spots, so there are no hanging lights. Plinth LEDs can make the whole kitchen look attractive and contemporary. Best of all, they cost next to nothing to run so you can enjoy using the kitchen without a huge lighting bill.

If you’re using a wood burning stove in your family room, you should also invest in an economical fan to move the warmth around the large space. You can find our more about a log burner fan and how it works on specialist websites. The log burner can effectively keep you all warm with this simple addition without any extra cost.

If you are in the kitchen a lot, it might be a good idea to use an intercom system in the room. Extractor hoods and other kitchen noises can become quite loud. You might not hear the doorbell, or people calling you from another room. The intercom system means you won’t miss a thing, and you won’t have to step away from the hob. You could also install a sound system with hidden speakers. This means you can wirelessly enjoy all your favourite tracks while you cook.

Remodelling the kitchen means you really can start again. It’s about improving your lifestyle at home. The kitchen needs to be as functional as possible, but it also needs to be an integral part of family life in the home. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.