The typical kitchen of a cottage consists of both a casual kitchen and dining room in one room. Natural materials are a popular choice for many traditional cottages and the country themes, farms and log cabins. However, you can select from various styles when it comes to natural materials for kitchens, from rustic to elegant stone trunks.


Cheerful kitchen fabric scraps


Install bleached pine, honey oak and details of fabric scraps to create colorful style in a cheerful cottage kitchen. Start cooking with white walls, a ceiling of bleached pine and an oak floor honey. Use honey oak cabinets with small white knobs on the doors. Add coated ceramic tile, medium size and in a variety of light colors to create a countertop “patchwork”. Place old white appliances in the kitchen of the cottage and a bleached pine round table in the dining room. Add bleached pine chairs with cushions fabric scraps around the table. Hang curtains fabric scraps and put a mat of the same style at the sink. Use ceramic pieces combined and mixed for decoration, as a blue ceramic jar filled with mixed spoons and a bowl full of fruit terracotta.

 kitchen of a cottage


Elegant kitchen stone

Invest in good quality stone and carved wood to convert the simple kitchen of a cottage in a spectacular space. Install cut river rocks to create a flat cobblestone floor. Use plain cream color for the walls, a beamed ceiling and pale wood carved dark wood cabinets. Make doors with hand carved vines and pale trim inlays. Install granite stone tiles cut cream colored knobs and small river rocks for finishing cabinets. Use a refrigerator and dishwasher covered with wood paneling bespoke, combining with your cabinets. Install an outdated stove cream and cream porcelain sink with river stones knobs on faucets. Add dark wood chairs and a dark table with a soft top made with river stones cut. Decorate the kitchen with cups filled with rock carved utensils or dried flowers.



Cooking rustic log


It combines solid wood and old appliances for the kitchen of the cottage has a rustic look. Use varnished wooden planks for the floor, for furniture and kitchen countertops. Use small pieces of antler for the drawers and door handles. Install reproductions of old appliances like the old enamel or cast iron. Hang a colorful curtain under the sink and combining curtains on all windows. Use a mixture of separate banks trunks that match to create a dining space in the kitchen of the cottage. If possible, place a wooden cabinet “pie safe” (furniture for storing pastries) or kitchen sideboard against a blank wall. Decorate the kitchen with traditional cast iron pots, copper or enameled hanging from pegs on the wall. Add a ceramic vase filled with cooking utensils near the stove and a basket filled with checkered kitchen towel on the counter.