In modern buildings, houses and apartments may include open floor where the living room and kitchen together without walls or doors that separate. If you are living in a space where you can see the side of the kitchen cabinets from the living room, hide can help separate the two environments or add a decorative visual effect.


Hides the sides of your kitchen cabinet living room by covering them with contact paper. This sticky paper can hide defects unattractive side cabinet or hide materials you do not like. Use decorative paper, colorful, artistic flair to give or monochrome or simulated wood or stone textured paper style for a more traditional look. Remove the back of the paper and press it into place.

kitchen cabinets

Hang a large framed poster on the side of the kitchen cupboard facing the living room. Mount a picture hook on the side of the cabinet and uses a frame that has a wire across the back for easy hanging. It uses a frame and a poster that is larger than the side of the cabinet for maximum coverage.

Install a curtain or a piece of cloth that extends from the back wall of the cabinet to the edge of it to hide it from view from the living room. The curtain can also serve as a kitchen door. Cable passes through the curtain where the fabric is hung and put in place on the cable. Use one or two panels depending on your preferences.

Paint an image that covers the entire side of the cabinet in the place that gives your living room and converted the space into a work of art. Make the image match the theme of the rest of your decorations living room. Installs a frame of wood around the edges of the side of the cabinet to look like a framed picture.

Use a large Japanese shoji screen or other screen that extends to a height sufficient to cover the sides of the kitchen cabinets. Fold it to the desired width. This method ensures that the divider can be run when necessary.