Today, many homeowners want to have a kitchen and a living room with no divisions among themselves, with only a center island or bar separating the two areas. But very few old houses were designed with that in mind. The kitchens were built completely independently or integrated with the living room with a wall cupboards hanging at low altitude. If you live in that kind of home, not have to settle for less than what you want. Even a Craftsman style home can be redesigned for a kitchen and living room completely integrated.

kitchen and a living room




Examines the kitchen and the living room. In many homes, these two spaces are separated by a wall or cabinets at low altitude. In other cases, the room next to kitchen is the dining room. If the latter is the case, compare the dining room with the living room. If the room is large, consider exchanging the use of spaces or turn a room into an entertainment room.



Determine if it is possible to make an opening in the wall that connects the kitchen to the living room. Before you tear down the wall, see if that wall is structural. You should review the plans for your home or hire a specialist to determine this step. If structural, have to add a support beam. If you can not tear down the wall.




Examine the plane of the existing kitchen and reconsiders circulation. Now that the wall that connected the two rooms no longer exists, you can design the kitchen you always wanted. Consider adding an island or bar with stools. You might want to rebuild the kitchen completely change the countertops and cabinets and appliances placed in more accessible site.



Determines the design of the family room. You can move or replace the furniture to create a cozy and open space. By combining the two rooms and the improvement in circulation, you’ll have a space where the whole family can stay for preparing the food and cleaning up, play games and watch movies.