In Canada, almost every house has a refrigerator. These refrigerators consume about 11% of the household energy. However, almost 25% of households still use old refrigerators instead of modern energy efficient ones. Energy Star models can save money and reduce energy consumption by major appliances in the house. These facts clearly state that moving towards better usage habits of your appliances at home, choosing energy efficient models and maintaining them regularly have a real impact on not just the environment, but also your energy bills.


Stoves and ovens in your home are the most difficult to use when it comes to ensuring energy efficiency. They are either not hot enough or so hot that it feels like you are in the middle of the Sahara desert when you are simply making dinner. You also tend to lose a lot of energy because of erratic usage. As a general tip, always cover the entire burner of your stove when you cook. If the coils are still visible, then only the air is getting heated and not your food. For electric stoves, energy can be saved by reducing the cooking time by just a few minutes since the burner always remains hot for a couple more minutes even when switched off.

With refrigerators, an ideal temperature given in the instruction manual should be followed. This is usually 0 degrees Fahrenheit for your freezer and 40 degrees Fahrenheitfor your fridge. Also, the refrigerator should never be in the sun to protect the compressor from overheating. Hot food put directly in the fridge to cool can ruin the rest of the food because it becomes difficult for your fridge to maintain its ideal temperature. Similarly, keeping a lot of empty space in your fridge is as bad as overstocking it with too much food. Cook enough and according to the storage capacity of your refrigerator. 

Beyond these simple tips to ensure appliance longevity, it is important to choose a good appliance repair company. The regular maintenance of your appliances by a company that is experienced is important because they know the dos and don’ts of appliance safety. Not just that, experienced appliance repair companies tend to only hire personnel who are qualified to carry out the repair job, have the right tools and are trained properly. Spending some time in choosing the right company can improve the life and extend the years of the appliances in your house.

Most importantly, always go local when you choose an appliance repair company. In this way, your repair company would be aware about the climactic restrictions and challenges that your appliances face and will suggest necessary measures to ensure longevity. For instance, if you live in Toronto, you can find a variety of refrigerator repair services in Toronto, including those of Toronto Refrigeration. Most companies offer repair jobs that include heating, air conditioner, stove, cooking range, washer, dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator. Most good companies are also available 24/7 with their highly trained and qualified staff for any repair emergency you may have. Not just that, some companies even offer same day repair service guarantees to ensure that no time of yours is wasted in repair work stretching over multiple days.