Green, green green are all my colors: 2017 is green THE trend color when it comes to living and furnishings.  We give you a little tip: in spring and summer, you will find it outside it is also called color of hope and stands for vitality and inspiration. Correct the speech is of the color green! The color research institute Pantone has named ‘Greenery’ a bright (Avocado) Green now a fashionable color of 2017.

Interiors trend color

Why is green the trend color 2017?

The color green we associate inevitably with nature and thus with freshness, vitality and a new beginning. Green is the spring when the trees slowly bear leaves again green is the nature to which it draws us when here we are all too much again and we need a little time-out.  According to Pantone Green keeps this to take a deep breath to get fresh air and new strength. Sounds like a good idea, does not it?

Living with the trend color green

So it’s a good idea the trend color 2017 to allow also move into their own home. Who finally does not feel like a bit more freshness drive and lightness? This does not mean of course that we have to exchange our complete equipment now it is enough to put on green decoration and living accessories. Who still not quite up to the color trend dares it may first try with green accessories. Here provide the green boxes for order and a touch of color in their own homes.

Here, the greenery trend has been fully implemented. The room is so fresh and modern. Especially nice acts the trend color green in combination with white. Thus, the color appears puristic, fresh and clean. In combination with Red Green looks exciting and contrast. Further suggestions can be found in the gallery below.