Choosing the color is a critical step in any paint job. Among the countless variations of colors, choose the exact color you want is often difficult. Although there are no strict rules about the selection of a color for interior paint, use a color wheel can help you choose and combine colors.

Importance of Colors in Decoration
The choice of color of the interior space is important because it affects the perception of a room, both the atmosphere and the volume. The colors create perspectives that can change your evaluation of the length, width, height and depth of a room. Therefore, a small room can appear larger if it is painted a light or white color.


Using the color wheel
A color wheel is a handy tool designed to help you mix and match colors. The tool consists of a circle representing the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and secondary colors obtained by mixing these primary colors. By using this circle, you can see the colors in harmony or contrast. Contrasting colors are diametrically opposite on the circle (red and green, yellow and purple), while the next is harmonious with the others in the circle (light green, green almond and olive green) one.

Color symbols
When choosing colors for your home, consider that, traditionally, each color is associated with certain feelings or symbolism. Red inspires sensuality, warmth and energy, but also violence and aggression. Avoid paint an entire room in red, as this can have an irritating effect. Yellow is a bright color, associated with joy and prosperity. The color of joy par excellence is the orange, which is known to fight depression and reactivation of humor. Blue is a calming color and stimulates inspiration and creativity. Green is a calming color associated with nature. Violet is associated with tenderness, romance and sensitivity, and promotes calm. Neutral colors such as honey, cream, beige and gray tones are timeless and elegant, and provide an atmosphere soft and calm to a room.

Observations from space
If you want a room look bigger, you should use a color palette of low contrast. This means you should not choose colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Warm colors can make a room seem more intimate big, so high contrast colors are a good idea in this case. For a room with a low ceiling, a ceiling light walls that color can make you look taller.