The decor and design of the home is a way to accentuate the living spaces to maximize usability and comfort. If you enjoy the projects of decoration with a touch of extraordinary and an eye for the ball and are frequently praised by your friends for your decorating options, interior design can be more than a personal style can be a choice career. Helping others in creating spaces of practical, versatile and cozy life is a talent and an invaluable tool to create the right atmosphere in a home.

home decoration


Learn about home design concepts. Many community colleges offer courses in interior design to learn about the fundamental concepts of design. These include space planning and color, texture, pattern and application of light to the interior. Books like “Complete Home Decorating Book “by Nicholas Barnard are reference book idea source for decorative art. Magazines Home & Design and Interior Design are a couple of subscriptions to consider.


Consider certification. Diploma programs and certification of home decor offer additional credibility and experience. These programs are available through local universities and community centers. In addition, many universities offer degree programs interior design. Degree programs of two years and four years are more expensive but are also wider than certification programs. Certification programs interior design such as that offered by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies University of New York, generally can be completed in 6 months to a year.

Build a portfolio of interior design that offers samples of different living spaces. Develop a portfolio of your design work. Potential customers want to see samples of your design work from home (a diverse showcase your design style). Take pictures of spaces personal home design. Also, become a volunteer to develop projects from home decorating to build your portfolio. Enter contests Home decoration as those looking for pictures of before and after to gain experience and build a reputation. Many home decorating contests seek input from local residents. Win a home decorating contest provides an advertising opportunity that may be released to the local media.

Cultivate a customer base. Print business cards, a brochure and design a professional website to market your service home decor. Post flyers and business cards designed professionally in local cafes and other public spaces with community meetings. Throw a home decor shop at local retailers, whose customers might show a natural interest as clientele paint store and furniture. Also, developing a home decor blog as a marketing tool. This allows you to discuss and present your design style and home decor different (almost like a way to mark your talent.

A home decorating consultant brings fresh design ideas for living spaces. Make contact with other professionals. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID, for its acronym in English) is one of many professional associations that offer workshops, networking and resource for decorative products. Some of the ads ASID products include decorative accessories, antiques, furniture and floor. The networking opportunities are available to members through local chapters of ASID.