If you want to enjoy the view outside from many angles of the room, facade connection windows are optimal. A self-made pedestal wooden replaces the windowsill and pillow for a cozy seat. This can be in addition to vases and lamp decorates. So that you can sit well on the podium even in midsummer, bright shades offer protection from the sun.

Set on color contrasts

With colors can your bevels make it disappear or they need to stress as in this example. Only the wall is to the sloping ceiling painted a deep color, the ceiling remains white. The effect: The space works by higher and airier.

interior design tips

To create an interconnecting room

If the roof removed, often create a large, long room. This cans your best divide with sliding doors or cabinets. So you create multiple spaces preserved: like a bath, dressing room and living room. Doors and cabinets are available in matching sizes. In tricky spaces can assist in measuring an expert.

Expand the area

Dreaming Your also in its own garden, or at least from a balcony? With convertible windows you come this dream is very close. By opening, the upper and lower part of the window creates a kind of mini-balcony. If you additionally equip the top with a sunscreen, have you equal even an awning.

Plan a smart Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where you performed most of the work while standing. It is therefore important to think through these when planning special. Make sure that neither the sink nor the cooker is installed directly under the sloping roof. Otherwise, you have while cooking might not have enough room to stand. Tip: Stay on the windowsill herb pots thanks to a heat protection awning fresh longer.

Cabinets, higher sideboards or shelves can be put not well in a living room with bevel. The elements can be combined in any way and vary in height. Alive affects the whole when open and closed modules are compiled with different sized compartments.

Exploit space height

In rooms with high, sloping ceiling, a double-decker fitted wardrobe to the ceiling is recommended. This not only offers plenty of space for your clothes, but can you plan in terms of dimensions and design of a variety of possibilities. Colored fronts ensure happiness, beveled side elements fit perfectly under the eaves a. Thus, high ceilings to a maximum of unused order havens.

Adjust shelves

Flexible shelving systems can be attached directly to the roof slope. This is a clever solution if you have limited space and this does not want to leave unused. Tip: On the top shelf, you have small-scale office helper in storage boxes on hand.

Generate width

Rooms with sloping act quickly cramped. If you, however, completely sweep the ceiling in white, it stretches the space and makes it appear much higher. In summer, a ceiling fan is a wise investment because it can get very warm under the roof.

Setting up a home office

In particularly high rooms with steep roof can be inclined including a good work schedule. Here you need a knee wall with a depth of about one meter. In him, a board is mounted as a desk. After working, the mini office disappears behind closed sliding doors.

Protect from the sun

For skylights and large glass fronts, an effective sunscreen is recommended as the rooms from overheating in the summer quickly. Here you can between blinds shades and shutters choose wooden shutters. For windows with special dimensions, there are corresponding models. Practical: Shades & Co. not only provides protection from the sun but also protect from the eyes of neighbors.