Furniture design trends over the past few years haveleaned heavily toward hardline minimalism. Today’s buyers, however, have once again embraced elements of the past by including antique pieces in their collections. Unfortunately, such pieces often exceed the budget of many consumers. But if you’re looking for something that will be guaranteed to become an antique in the years to come, you’re in luck. Even in this age of throwaway, mass-market production, there are still a few manufacturers interested in creating a quality, long-lasting product with bold but classic features that will stand the test of time.

antique-dinning-tableOne of the advantages of purchasing a new table over an actual antique is the fact that the superior quality of today’s handcrafted manufacturing techniques ensure a look reflecting the best qualities of the desired era while securing a guarantee that the pieces will last for several generations longer than their (still pretty sturdy) alternatives. That is especially true with companies that have been in business for a long time and have developed a reputation for producing superior work. How exciting for your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren that they could someday inherit furniture that only becomes better looking with age! That’s a lifetime of memories over a beautiful object that can be shared with future generations.

Modern home designers stress the importance of what are commonly called “signature pieces” that can make a home a place of elegance and beauty. These pieces are often able to enhance the look and feel of the rooms around them – complementing the overall design – while making an important statement of their own. Such pieces are especially coveted in dining rooms where groups gather intimately and the table is often the focal point. Probably the best way to invest in a signature piece is to get a new solid wood dining room table from a manufacturer that is able to bring both fine craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

Expert craftsmen appreciate the construction of original antique pieces. Things such as dovetail corners, sophisticated joints, extensions, hand-rubbed finishes, and solid wood are all central parts of the process when it comes to making quality dining tables. And the best custom furnishings manufacturers working today – even if their methods have been refined thanks to advances in available tools – utilize this knowledge to make their pieces the best of both worlds. The best firms are usually the ones that produce custom pieces that are made to order in terms of size, style, and finish – that’s why if you live in the Toronto area, you should consider a firm like Woodcraft. Their work is admired for both the quality of its construction as well as its aesthetic appeal, which is why you can often find it on W Network home improvement shows like The Property Brothers and Candace Tells All.

Today’s market allows a wide range of choices when it comes to the dining room tables. This can range from extremely cheap starter furniture from big box stores (that you’ll probably replace as soon as you become more established), to furnishings that will give your guests a moment of awestruck pause. But there are many companies that claim they produce pieces in the latter category, when in reality their work is anything but. That’s why, when seeking the best manufacturer,select one that is well-known for their expertise in the field, that insures and guarantees delivery to your home in Canada or abroad, and provides products that meet your specific needs – a company like Woodcraft, which has been in business since 1974, fulfills all those criteria. If you do your research before you make a purchase, you definitely will not be disappointed, and your table will become part of family gatherings for years (perhaps generations) to come!