Nowadays, real estate housing is considered as a form of art. The various builders and real estate companies are constructing apartments and residential properties in such innovative ways that they are immediately catching the eyes of potential buyers or investors. Thus, at the present age, it is very important to be modern and innovative in order to compete with the real estate giants in the market. The Marvel Group is one of the real estate giants who never stop to amaze their clients with their state of the art designs and luxurious apartments. Some of their recent projects are Marvel Kyra and Marvel Izara.

Marvel Kyra

This is one of the most beautiful, elegant and luxurious projects underway in Pune. The project consists of five elegantly designed high risers having 124 apartments which are quite spacious and luxurious.  The Marvel group has a reputation for using the best of technologies in their construction, automation and finishing of their projects.


The basic outer design is quite attractive, having hanging terraces in in strategically placed tiers which are specifically designed for that purpose. Marvel Kyra shows a unique contrast between nature and man-made architecture with its water cascades and facades, its wall patters and textures, with the trees that line the various parts of the building. Clients are given choices between 4 BHK, 3.5 BHK, 3 BHK and 2 BHK accommodations with the maximum luxurious facilities.

Common facilities are:

  • A number of different recreational facilities like gymnasiums and clubs.
  • Massage decks by the pool and even indoor.
  • Barbecue facilities on the decks and terraces.
  • Lawns and walking strips.

Marvel Izara

Another one of Marvel’s marvelous projects, the Marvel Izara is nothing short of an architectural feat in the midst of one of the best residential areas in Pune, Mohammad wadi. The uniqueness of the project is that unlike others, it promotes open living rather than brick lined apartments. Providing its residents with a varied choice of 4 BHK, 3.5 BHK, 3 BHK and 2 BHK accommodations, the project has already caught the eyes of many potential buyers and investors. Another unique feature of the project is its open air plazas which are embedded between apartment blocks. They provide the residents with the necessary interaction with the nature.

Some of the facilities offered are:

  • Swimming pool having wooden pool decks.
  • Terraces having barbeque and hammock bar facilities.
  • Club house and gymnasium.
  • Glass pool having poll decks which are specifically sculptured.
  • Fitness area
  • Outdoor dining facilities.
  • Full generator backup.


The Marvel Group has a reputation of providing their clients with the most luxurious facilities that can be expected from residential projects. They provide with the most innovative and state of the art interior designing and the best of materials. Starting with open balconies, pre-installed modular kitchens and high end bathrooms, the projects are really meant for the elite class of people looking for high living standards. Marvel has always been able to show off their innovation with its projects and with these two, it does not disappoint.