Installing new windows or replacing the old ones in your home represents a significant investment, and some research into the best products and installers is recommended. The first thing to consider is the type of trim you want installed and prepared, with wood and vinyl being the two most popular options. Vinyl is the choice for most modern homes because it’s versatile and cuts down on energy costs more effectively than wood. However, wood remains a favourite option for the more aesthetically minded customer. The choice is yours, but make sure the company you are working with has a good reputation for those types of installations and repairs. There’s nothing worse than an improperly installed or repaired window.

Vinyl is a kind of plastic also known as PVC that’s often used in many constructions projects, and even in piping. Vinyl can be shaped and moulded to fit just about any window design you need, whether it’s traditional-looking window frames, arched frames, sliding windows, or even triangle-shaped windows. Top of the line professional window installers will make sure other features, such as weep holes, outdoor siding, and more, are properly placed and meet inspection requirements.


Vinyl windows can save money because not only are they cheaper overall to install than wood, but they are also a great cost-saver when it comes to energy bills. As a matter of fact, tests have shown that vinyl is just as efficient as wood, if not more so, when it comes to insulation. And with energy costs always a top concern in your home’s value, vinyl is a better way to make sure you are not overspending on heating. So why not stop by the George Kent website for more information about vinyl windows?

Vinyl also requires much less maintenance and upkeep than wood. You can usually just clean the vinyl window frames with water to keep the luster on your home, and you never need to repaint the windows. Even if your windows need to be replaced or are damaged, vinyl is eco-friendly and can be recycled. Vinyl can last as long as 20 years or even longer before you have to consider replacing it, and even if the windows do have to be replaced, the investment is still well-worth it if they match nicely with your home.

Another add-on you might consider if you’re having new windows installed is the new shatter-resistant type of glass that impedes break-ins. This is the latest in home security and the best installers will offer this as an option. Add some life-time breakage and labour insurance into the bargain and you’ll have a beautiful home that is safe and secure with lower energy costs and ultimate peace of mind.