If you have been having trouble selling a property, there could be many different reasons for the delay in the sale, but one thing you should take a look at is its curb appeal. This is the way it looks to people as they walk by or approach the property, and can have a huge effect on a potential buyer. Getting this right is often the key to a sale, and here are a few ways you can make sure your property has the best curb appeal possible.

The Fence

Your property is probably not the first thing that people will see, and believe it or not, your fence could be ruining a buyer’s impression of your home. Make sure that your garden fence is in top notch condition and there are no broken panels or flaking paint.

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The Garden

You do not need to have a landscaped lawn for it to make the right impression. As long as the grass is mown and there is a simple range of flowers and plants to give it some colour and character, your garden should pass the test. Even if the buyer is a keen gardener the potential will be seen, not the mess

The Journey to the House

Whether you have a drive or a path, your visitor’s journey to your property should be uneventful and safe. If your path has become damaged it can look terrible (and dangerous), and that is why buying some blocks to repair a path or replacing a stone or two could reap huge benefits. Easy pave paving is one of the places to look for a wide range of blocks and stones to help make your path or driveway a pleasure to walk on, and stop buyers turning around before getting to your door.

House Paint

The next item that you are going to have to ensure is in tip top condition is the properties paintwork. If your property looks shoddy on the outside, you will find any potential buyer searching for faults inside. Make sure there is no paintwork that is in bad condition, and that any paint on woodwork is well finished, and does not trail onto the walls or window frames. If you are going to paint the exterior, remember to try to pick a colour that fits with your neighbour’s properties, but is different enough to stand out.

The Front Door

The people who come to look at your property will be spending time waiting at your front door, so you do not want them to be picking holes in it as you wait. Choosing your front door will have been done a while previously, and hopefully, it was a good choice. However, what you need to do now is to make it impressive. The best thing you can do here is to employ a decorator to give it a gleaming finish of either stain or paint. This is guaranteed to impress even the fussiest visitor. The difference between a professional job and your amateur attempt could be the selling point you need.

Once the potential buyers walk through your beautiful door, they are inside, and curb appeal no longer matters. Now it’s up to the interior to do the selling.