Everyone has their own style, and that style is intensely personal. Ideally, the look and layout of your home – including your bathroom – will reflect this personal style. But it can be difficult to achieve this aim when you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on home improvements. One straightforward way of injecting some fresh appeal into your bathroom is by installing a new, modern, illuminated mirror. Bathroom mirror lights are functional but they are also appealing. Here’s how a new mirror with built-in lights can reflect your own individual look.

  1. Illuminated Mirrors Show You in Your Best Light

Mirror Reflects Whatever your style, whether you are polished and groomed or more natural and fresh, using illuminated bathroom mirrors helps you create your look. It is hard to style your hair or apply make-up when you cannot see your features clearly. With LED bathroom mirrors the light is directed from the sides of the face and you don’t have any of the problematic shadows that overhead lighting creates. Without these shadows, you have a more detailed view of your face and it is easier to apply make-up, and easier for men to get a close shave.

  1. Illuminated Mirrors Look Stunning

It is clear that bathroom mirrors with lights look good. They have the sleek looks of well-designed modern accessories. You can choose from a variety of finishes and colours, which fit in a whole range of different bathroom colour schemes and styles. Take a look on the website of an online retailer like http://www.lightmirrors.co.uk and you’ll see how you can fit a new mirror into your particular decor. Installing one of these illuminated bathroom cabinets can make a real difference to the appeal of your bathroom without costing you a lot of cash.

  1. Illuminated Mirrors Are Individual

Just like you, illuminated mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a huge mirror to cover a wall, with space for two people to stand in front of, or you can opt for a petite mirror with all the features but less of the need for space – ideal for compact bathrooms. The individuality of the mirror is also reflected in the features and extras that you can have in an illuminated mirror. For example, you may need an anti-mist feature so that you can see yourself in the mirror even when the bathroom is steamy and you don’t want to wait for the fog to clear. Or you can add storage space behind the mirror, so it is slightly built out from the wall. If your style is minimalist and modern, this type of mirror will fit your look. On the other hand, if you are more showy and outgoing, a mirror with extra lights will give your bathroom the star treatment.

Whichever mirror you choose, you’ll make a difference to your bathroom. The great thing about this type of mirror is it instantly updates the room. You give the bathroom a makeover without having to spend a fortune – that’s stylish in any way you look at it.