Whenever the style is more work from home, so it no longer serves the dining table or that uncomfortable table we have in our bedroom. The ideal is to have a room dedicated to this function, but if the meters are scarce can also be used anywhere as a work or study, provided it is carefully designed to encourage concentration and creative work. Usually anywhere in our home can become a comfortable area of ​​study or work. A simple desk, a chair, a lamp pinch and some storage spaces, are usually sufficient to decorate a simple and functional environment for this purpose. Here we leave you with a collection of spaces designed as areas of study or work, in which the type of work are taken into account to make and space than is available. Surely you find inspiration in some of these designs. ! Let’s talk about small studio apartment.

small studio apartment

In this case we have used an area of ​​the house with little traffic to place a simple desk and chair with backrest. The computer is all that is needed, so that the space with shelves and unnecessary furniture is not recharging. This area of ​​study has been placed near a source of natural light, to avail all this provides lighting during the day.

Unlike the previous design, this study has placed a shelf with sufficient storage areas for drawers and cabinets; plus there doors and drawers that offer additional hidden areas. The desktop is very wide, so lets have on hand the essentials for daily work without it look messy. The entire stay is lit by large windows in which are placed very thin curtains that do not impede the passage of light. The area has been placed perpendicular to the light does not directly impinge.

The other area of ​​study has been improvised in a simple way in a corner of a room. A differentiators in the wall color is used to define this area of ​​work. A lamp and ornamental plant, are among the most common in places like this decorative elements.

This is a design in which a space for creative and artistic work is created. The drawers with wheels allow organizing tools and move them from place if necessary. On the wall opposite the desk, has placed a simple metal frame in which the sketches and photographs to inspire hang. Pinch lamp is providing artificial light falling directly onto the work area.

This is a space that uses some of the ideas of the previous design. It has been prepared on the side of a ladder, used as a physical barrier to delimit the area. Although it is recommended for these spaces an ergonomic chair, and wheel support, has opted for a simple bench. Do not sacrifice comfort for a little more style.

And ended up with a beautiful study area created for younger, full of pastels and colorful details. It is essential that go from small to motivate our children to these areas in their bedrooms, especially if they already go to school and need a place to do their homework.