The rustic style appeals to the use of natural materials and to create warm and harmonious family environments colors. Households with rustic decor usually evoke the garden or village, but today it is resuming this style with modern touches in many homes of the great cosmopolitan cities. If you love the traditional and natural, or you’re looking to escape the excessive modernism of some existing environments, surely you’ll love these ideas that we provide to create spaces with rustic decor.

rustic decor

As we mentioned above, in this style there is a preference for natural materials over others. Among them wood is the absolute protagonist , but also commonly used in the finished stone, iron, ceramics, wicker and natural fibers. The current trend of designers usually combine this style with elements of contemporary decor for which creations are made ​​furniture modern designs mixed with natural finishes. Also to soften the hardness of materials such as stone or wood, some romantic elements that complement stylish austere decoration are introduced.

It pursues the simplicity of the environments and more light possible , so it stays generally have large windows to take advantage of natural light. From the color palette is chosen earthy colors that are close to brown colors such as light red or terracotta, orange, beige, brown and ocher, among others. These colors are considered warm and welcoming. If white is also introduced to some extent, will be achieved highlight these heavenly hues.

In the accessories or you can use your creativity and choose items that cause the feeling that nature is truly a component of the decor. You can purchase items from wood, wicker baskets, vases with still life, potted ornamentals, aged mirrors, leather items and many more. Even if you good crafts can create your own accessories offering a very personal touch to your home. We selected four environments that correspond to different spaces, so you can see how to apply some of these ideas and have many resources to use when decorating your home.

Living room with rustic decor

This image corresponds to a room that is a perfect example of all the features mentioned above. In this room has the absolute role fireplace, the fire still another element associated to houses. The fireplace adds a personal touch to a room, making it warm and perfect for unforgettable evenings. You can find on the market different designs for indoor fireplaces that are very safe. The wood is present throughout the stay, mainly in light tones. The wooden beams on the ceiling are very representative of this type of decoration. The colors and materials used in furniture and accessories, reinforce the set achieving a very welcoming atmosphere.

Rustic kitchen remodeled in stone

This corresponds to another room cabin with a stone remodeled kitchen. You opt for a coating of rustic stone walls and floor, giving it a rough appearance to the room. You can if you prefer to use stone tiles with bright or polished finishes, they also provide a natural texture but with a better finish. Here are also present wooden beams on the ceiling. The wood is used in kitchen cabinets but with aged finishes to reinforce the whole concept. Other items such as shelves and kitchen utensils made ​​from this material. The idea of wicker baskets hanging from ceiling hooks is great.

Rustic Bedroom

This is a room where the main wall has been coated entirely of wood of various shades, achieving a very natural environment. The two beds in the room have a rustic handmade with very original headboards. With the colors of the bedspreads, quilts, cushions and pillows can soften the rustic decor elements for a more airy bedroom. As it is a sleeping area as much illumination as in the other rooms is not appreciated, but still no presence of wood and glass windows .

Bathroom with a contemporary rustic style

In the decoration of this bathroom a contemporary rustic style, where modern and sophisticated elements that harmonize well mixed continues. In this bath the star item of furniture is of course also wood, but bright and polished finishes. The walls have a light ocher color that contrasts with the colors of the wood used. In the tub area was chosen to mimic stone tiles in shades of stay. There are lots of natural light in this space, reinforced with large wooden windows. Among the accessories must say that rustic chandelier lamp is most relevant. The modern elements are introduced into the mixer and health, as well as the huge mirror that decorates all the sink area.