Do not throw your old tires! They are one of the materials that take the longest to deteriorate and be assimilated by nature so to avoid polluting the planet, give a new life to the wheels and turn them into coffee tables, on swings and even in bicycle parking. In this article we offer some ideas for recycling tires with which you get to your house to provide a unique and personal touch and besides, you will be contributing to the conservation of the environment. What more could you want?

recycling tires

Recycled tires and turn them into beautiful low tables perfect for any room in the house. Both the exterior and the interior, these tables you can do with wheels are ideal to dress any space. To do this, just you have to get Esperanto rope and glue to surround the rope wheel contour. To get it locks into place, it is recommended that you first applique glue on the area you go to work and then put the rope over.

If you want the table is raised off the ground, you only have to buy at a hardware store three oo four low legs and place them in the bottom of the tire so you get a perfect finish.

If you want a more cheerful and colorful furniture, instead of covering the wheels with rope you can choose to paint directly with vivid colors . Once you have them painted only you have to place them under a glass surface or wood that serves as a table. To make the color more attractive, we recommend that in addition to painting, add a layer of varnish.

If you want the table is high, you can put two tires (one above the other) but, yes, to make the structure stable have to try to put a surface that is not too large so that it does not protrude too much and especially not Never lean on the table, it could crack.

Another of the ideas to recycle wheels is to leverage its way to plant in the center, different flowers and plants. To do so, you only have to leave the ground set tires and place the plant center. We recommend that, to drain the water when you water, do not lean directly on the floor but put them on an uneven surface that will let in air.

To give a more cheerful look, you can choose to paint the wheels with different colors or, if you want, you can even draw pictures or write a few sentences. So that the output looks better, we suggest you spend a layer of varnish and thus be brighter.

If you have a bike at home, you will love this idea to recycle tires and used to park your vehicle and not bother at home. Especially it is recommended for people who have a common area garden or with neighbors and they can install this particular parking. This idea is a little more elaborate than those mentioned above you as you will need halve the wheel and stick it down with some screws so that it is fixed.

The trick to hold back the bikes it is that the distance between the wheels is not too wide for, so, to embed the wheel of the bicycle and to stand firm. In this article we discovered other recycling crafts .