Ideas for decorating Easter : give a different touch to your home or business with these simple ideas. Do not miss the gallery! When winter ends and spring arrives, one of the parties over fences is Easter . Therefore, you can change or give a different touch to the decor with a unique style of this era. These decorating ideas, apply to decorate our houses and decorating business , local and above all windows .

ideas for decorating

Easter eggs

painted Easter eggs are the most important elements when decorating any space. At this point the imagination plays an important role. If you want to see different examples, you can see this photo gallery Easter eggs painted by hand .

Flowers to decorate

As at this time also Easter arrival of spring is celebrated, it is important to incorporate some flowers or plants in the decor. Tulips and daisies are usually very common but in this case any plant with colorful flowers may be valid.

Easter baskets

baskets filled with colored eggs and flowers are very decorative elements. These baskets can be the perfect complement to decorate a table or to give a different store showcase a touch. Also if they baskets incorporate other elements such as loops, or in this case, a stuffed sheep, the basket will be much more decorative.

Colors for Easter decoration

usually the most used when decorating Easter colors are pastel colors: pink, blue, yellow, etc. These colors are used when decorating Easter eggs, baskets or trays. Also when choosing flowers that are to be used. Moreover, in most cases, are usually combined with white color.

Easter Crafts

Finally, another option for a touch of home decoration or for Easter is a local crafts. For example, you can make felt Easter eggs to decorate the baskets that we discussed earlier or detail. You can also make different crafts with eggs: paint them or cover them with thread to be much more decorative and colorful.