Are you stressed out with the baby’s arrival and room decor this deal? Well now you can take your head a concern, because in this article you will find a collection of rooms babies of all styles, with great ideas that you can copy. Today the decor of the rooms of babies has become more practical, so that in all these designs is about maximizing concepts such as simplicity and functionality, without neglecting of course aesthetics. Never miss a single detail, since in any of these pictures you can find the inspiration you need. Let’s talk about Ideas for decorating baby rooms.

Ideas for decorating baby rooms

Classic room

There is a color that best represents the innocence and purity of a baby white. This color is also known to transmit serenity and harmony, why has been chosen as the reason for monochromatic decor of this room. White is found in every detail of the room: walls, textiles, furniture, which favors the stay lit display and very neat. In everyday life this color may not be the most practical, but the truth is that it looks lovely. Then when the baby grows you can repaint, but for his early life this color is ideal. Instead of the usual rocking chair, has been elected a comfortable armchair to nurse and cuddle the baby, this of course is a matter of preference. The furniture has been chosen changer comfortable style, which is convenient because it allows use as extra storage area.

Colourful room

In this other design were painted red vertical stripes to encourage the gray chosen for the walls. The result remains sober and elegant, but more suited to a child’s room. Red is a color that is recommended to introduce in small doses, because it encourages children to engage in activities but also causes anxiety and excitement, so you better not to go with him.
The colorful dolls are excellent complements to decorate the room. The furniture of this design is simple and functional, with enough storage spaces. We found the essential, the home, furniture changing table, a closet for clothes and a shelf for toys and belongings.

Natural Room

The use of dark wood furniture and cream-colored walls, gives a warm and natural touch to this room baby. The space has been harmonized through textiles, which follow the same pattern stamping. The carousel crib is an excellent decorative element, which is also very useful when the baby begins to have contact with their environment. Wicker baskets contrast nicely with the furniture, and always will need to carry multiple diapers and clothes of sin.

Animal themed decor

To decorate this room has been elected an animal theme, having some nice owls as protagonists. For walls was used soft pink, a color most associated with innocence, dreams and fantasies. Although some time this color was exclusive to females, since there is no such distinction in this regard. The squares that are on the wall are a form of decoration simple and easy to replace when the baby grows. It is always useful to have a table lamp to have an indirect light with which relax the baby before bedtime.

Romantic bedroom

The latest design has a romantic style that also uses white as a color star. Beside the crib has been placed a trunk, useful for storing toys and keep collecting the room. This trunk can also then play the role of table, where the small can draw.
The chosen furniture is versatile, which is a good idea if we then keep the baby grows. The colorful carpet is the detail that finishes giving the welcoming look to the room, you can incorporate some colorful cushions and create a small playground for the baby.