It is really unfortunate to have a loft and not take both space and the special atmosphere that these provide. Generally this area of ​​the house which is also known as loft or attic, is relegated to a storage place for reasons such as the lack of light, the small size or low ceiling heights, but the reality is that with good ideas any space can be transformed into something wonderful. Do not miss the chance to have an extra bedroom, study room or a very intimate lounge. Here are some ideas.

decorating a loft

If light is scarce, the first will be to make the room look bright, and this is possible if the ceilings and walls painted white or a very light color. If the attic is to be used as study room or reading corner, these areas must be created by a window to keep no natural light during the day. To overcome the uneven ceiling and avoid the odd bump on the head, you may distribute the furniture so that no access to areas of lower height be taken.

If the attic is to be used as a bedroom, then you can take advantage of the unevenness of the ceiling to make custom cabinetry, and the smaller parts can be placed drawers or folded garments. If you want to give more privacy to the room and space allows, you can build a plasterboard wall and closing one side of the ladder. Now we leave you with some dormers with interesting designs that might give you some inspiration for your own decor.

This loft has prepared an open bedroom ceilings and white walls. The bookcase advantage of the lower areas of space, while becomes a decorative element of the room. The space is enough to put a double bed, a small table and chair.

Although this loft is smaller and the slope of the roof is steep, has also chosen to use as a bedroom in this home. White is essential for the space look spacious and light, so it is used in walls, ceilings and textiles. Access is directly from the stairs the rest a little privacy, but for an extra room for guests is phenomenal.

This minimalist style loft is beautiful, has been decorated as a children’s bedroom with the winning duo style: white and black. Both the bed and the armchair have been placed next to a wall, making it look very spacious stay.

Another simple loft bedroom and decorated with straight lines. Was chosen for the bed and nightstands a wood the same color as the floor, which works for the space look in tune.

This is a show with all rules, where the roof slope has not prevented a low table is placed with the tv. One of the sofas is placed just below the window, to avail lighting that provides.

And to raise up good ideas, here goes another room beautifully furnished and decorated in an attic with gabled roof. The furniture has been placed in the lower areas covering the space of danger and leaving the central area for transit of people. This time he chose a light gray color to walls and ceilings.