The plaid or blanket is a real must-have of the season autumn-winter. Warm, comfortable, stylish and incredibly versatile, the plaid our star becomes part to be comfortable at home during the coldest months of the year. Now, did you know that the plaid could become a great ally of the decor? In we want to share with you some important tips to help you decorate with plaids, where and how to place them?


Details to be considered

First, we must consider some important issues. The first is the design and color. That is, our plaid should combine with the decor of the room in which it is located. This is integrate this add to the look of the room, taking into account both the pattern and color. Secondly, we must consider the fabric of our plaid. If we will use much we should have, a plaid made from a strong material but also soft and hypoallergenic such as cotton alpaca wool. While if we will use rarely and its use will be primarily aesthetic then we can use other fibers such as synthetic or natural fabrics more delicate.

Then it is time to decorate with him. In the bedroom, we can place at the foot of the bed several plaids in different styles that combine, like a ladder. You can choose complementary colors or the same color but in different shades. Avoid prints and opt for sleek designs that are easier to combine. Another possibility is to place a neatly folded plaid on the sidewalk, at the foot of the bed. We can cover the lower half of the bed with a plaid whose design matches the rest of the textiles. If we choose a darker colored linens, we will win in textures and create elegant color contrasts.

In a reading corner

If you have a reading corner with a comfortable armchair do not hesitate to place a folded plaid on one of the armrests. Choose a color that harmonizes with the decor and is integrated with the rest of the environment. For example, a plaid the same color as the cushions, the carpet or drapes. Another option is to let it fall gently footrest or small stool next to our comfortable chair. This casual look is usually quite difficult to achieve, but gives life to spaces.

In baskets made of natural fibers

Natural fiber baskets have become a must-have all the modern decor. Great order solutions also help us to decorate. Therefore, we recommend placing in plaids in rattan baskets, wicker, etc. You can fill a basket with several perfectly rolled plaids, next to the couch, chair or bed.

In the classroom

Another favorite place of plaids and blankets is the living room. Here we have endless possibilities. One of our favorite is to use the plaid to cover the sofa seats although this will need a large blanket. Thus, besides protecting the couch everyday use we give a touch of style that helps us to renew the decor.