Since I can remember (at least when it comes to doing things at home) I was always out the pillows to the laundry . I’m not sure why, I guess because since I lived with my parents had a small or custom washing machine I inherited, the point is that he understood that wash pillows at home was impossible, they were very heavy for a common washing machine, which this, that, but as I pulled out the washing and leaving doubt as new, although you have to be aware of some things is entirely possible. Lets talk about how to wash pillows at home.


We must pull out their cases to the pillows, then we have to put the pillows so that they are balanced in the drum, this is very important because when you turn should not hit. Remember that the pillows are lightweight but can observer lot of water and become “heavy” in the washer. Washing should be with hot water and long. Although you should always check the label of pillows , if not to allow temperature washing, use cold wash.

Once washed, we must put the pillows in a place where the sun and – very important – on a surface that allows ventilation from all sides. You can, as pictured, put them on the grill of a Sill n. That “squeeze” is also important and you take notice pillow filling is not “lumpy”. If it is, try to separate it softly and return to their natural state. Once dry, try to “hit” with your hands filling again.

It is likely that the filling, deep inside, left something wet, so it would be crazy not you should leave them drying for 2 days . Ready, what remains is that you put the cover back and then have some sweet dreams on limpidity, limpidity pillows. To read more articles like how to wash pillows at home , we recommend you enter our category cleaning spaces or subscribe to our newsletter .