We wash the bed weekly, the mattress once a month, even the cover of the pillow but would pay the same attention to the pillow itself? Most people believe that the pillow should not be washed because moisture is kept inside and favors the appearance of mites. But the reality is just the opposite happens. If we do not wash our pillows at least 2 times a year become the ideal nest of bacteria, fungi and mites already named. We spent between 6 and 8 hours breathing on them every day and it is not surprising that accumulate dirt. If you want to know how to wash a pillow, in this article we give you the keys according to the type of filler having your pillow.


Wash latex pillow

Before washing your pillow latex, watch the washing label check washable. Some latex pillows are made ​​of a hypoallergenic latex, which prevents the growth of bacteria and mites inside, which makes it not necessary washing. For latex pillows can be washed yes, it is more advisable to do by hand , unless the label specifies the use of washing machine.

Take a container, fill it with warm water and add a little mild detergent , especially for delicate items. Mix well and moisten a clean cloth in the solution. Explorer well to remove excess water and clean latex pillow with him. Do it gently and in a circular to remove stains right movements. The most important washing latex pillows is drying . Dry it well with clean to remove any, then place any moisture in a dry place without direct sunlight from reaching and, most importantly, towels plan .

Wash a viscoelastic pillow

It is very important to differentiate between the pillows of relativistic molded and breathable relativistic since the first can not be entered in the washer and the second yes. To know what kind of relativistic has your pillow, see the label. To wash your pillow relativistic molded into a vessel warm water and a little soap or mild detergent. Take a clean cloth, moisten the mixture, explorer well to remove excess liquid and wash the pillow relativistic circular motion.