The shower is one of the parts of the house that requires some maintenance other than cleaning. Occasionally the shower may become clogged and you generate the odd headache. A clogged shower can give many problems and not just because the water pressure decreases, but because if only one dish may overflow and flood the bathroom. The jam could be in the head or in the drain and there are several ways to clean, so that you have how to unclog a shower.


The shower may have blockages in the head which is where the water comes out or on the plate or bathtub, which is where the water goes. In the case of head jams they are caused by lime deposits and any other substances that the water is brought in its wake and end up stuck to the walls. The head is usually the place where the presence of sediment is visible right in the small holes are slowly clogging. There is a simple way around obstructions with natural products.

You must boil in a large saucepan one part vinegar with two parts water and add the juice of a lemon. While we recommend boiling disassemble the head of the shower and if metal, once you get to a boil, put the mixture in the head. If plastic waits for the water temperature down a bit more than anything it may damage the material.

Leave everything to soak 15 to 20 minutes and the problem will be solved. Your head will be clean and unobstructed. It is advisable at this point to make sure no hole remains clogged, take a needle and pass through each of the holes.

If the jam in the shower drain the causes are different. There may be hair, remnants of gel and shampoo, and also remains of lime sediments falling head. Jam on the drain is usually quite problematic especially if there is no bathtub because it can cause water overflows. The most basic tool to remove a jam is the plunger or plunger. With this tool the cup a vacuum effect that helps remove dirt plugs are created and clog the ducts is created.

Besides using the plunger, you can try and use a flexible tool like a wire to see if you can remove an obstacle from the path of the pipeline. But in the end it is effective to use substances to clear the jam 100% and recipes you can make at home are many. A highly recommended is to mix baking soda and 300 grams of salt in a compound of 25 cl of alcohol or white vinegar. Move the mixture well and then you throw in the drain, see how gradually the fat and all the dirt disappears. Then open the tap and let the hot water flow to flush the remains.