Your dog has peed in the house? The smell of urine can be very strong and is highly recommended you remove it just when you detect that your dog has urinated, but it will be more difficult to completely get rid of the trail and the animal can happen again use your house as a bathroom. In this article we will give some home unComo tricks that show you how to remove the smell of dog urine and also will also give you some tips so you can keep your pet back to do it again.

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It is important that, as we have noted, delete as soon as possible traces of urine from your dog to smell disappears. Note that these animals smell is 100 times more powerful than ours, so we feel the scent trail and can confuse as an ideal place to return to relieve himself. Therefore, as soon as you detect that your dog has peed in house, it removes the stain and ensures that the trail goes.

To achieve this you can go to a supermarket or a pet shop and make a ready product that is designed to remove stains caused by pets. But if you prefer to make yourself a homemade product , a number of ingredients that will help you keep your house clean and in good condition. Here we suggest some ways to create your own cleaner.

One of the home remedies most effective for removing dog urine odor is to mix vinegar with baking soda . Please note that your pee has alkaline and acidic substances, so in order to eliminate the odor they produce will use the combination of these acidic ingredients that counteract the effect.

To do this we have to dissolve the same amount of soda with vinegar and put it in a sprayer, apply in the area where your dog has been peed and let it dry; You can repeat this process several times a day until you believe that you have already left the smell.

You can also remove the smell of dog pee with oxygenated water and a little soap . To do this, you only have to mix in a cup of hydrogen peroxide a teaspoon of soap, moves well mix the ingredients are blended. Then, with the aid of a damp cloth apply this product in the urine stain and let it dry. As with the previous product, you can choose to repeat several times during the day cleaning this treatment until the smell is gone.

But without a doubt, and l most popular home remedy to remove the smell of pee is mixing lemon juice with a little water. The fruit acid can eliminate the traces of urine and also its good smell gives your home a clean and perfect aroma. To make this product so you only have to dip the urine stain with water and then rub with a lemon directly. If you want, you can prepare the lemon juice with a juicer and rub the stain directly with him.