It may not be the most pleasant confession that you have read, but all to a greater or lesser extent we smell shoes. In some people the smell can be very intense, in other discreet but equally annoying, the fact is that this condition occurs due to various factors that manifest themselves in a delicate area itself: our feet. Getting prevent smell bad shoes can take some simple steps and closely reviewing our habits, we give you all the necessary tips you get it successfully.

bad smell

Before explaining how to prevent smell bad shoes it is important to understand why this phenomenon occurs so unpleasant. To start it is clear that our feet sweat, being a wet and usually dark place this area of our body becomes the ideal for the formation and accumulation of bacteria, some of them to decompose are responsible for part of the odor area.

But this condition can also be enhanced by the use of inappropriate footwear made from materials that will not allow our feet to breathe, so it is when we use socks or stockings in some fresh materials that do not favor adequate ventilation. To reduce the odor of the shoes is important to learn to avoid the bad smell of the feet , so it is recommended:

Wash and dry your feet well.
Monitor for foot fungus, if they occur it is important to treat as soon as helps increase the odor in the area.
Always use cotton socks that allow your feet to breathe properly, further agrees that the thickness thereof is appropriate to the season. Choose shoes made of quality materials that allow proper foot perspiration. Plastic shoes should be avoided completely.

Once you follow the basic rules to keep your feet healthy you can implement the necessary measures to prevent the shoes smell bad. To start is very important to always apply them in your feet deodorant special to this area, this product will help to reduce sweating area and thereby prevent odor which can then be transferred to the shoe.

Since the first use of the shoes get used to place some deodorant for shoes in them, this gargantuan way to stay fresh longer.

In order to prevent the shoes smell is bad very important, even you love to that pair of shoes, you alternate often the only way it can ensure that they are properly ventilated significantly reducing odor. If you wear the same shoes every day is much more likely to begin to smell very quickly that if you alternating with other shoes.

Besides trying to keep cool shoes while you use them, it is very important that l will valentines properly once you take them out. Avoid storing immediately and leave at least a couple of hours in a cool place to run the air, so the possible sweating thereof will dry up and the accumulation of unpleasant odors is avoided.

Like any other piece of clothing frequently used shoes also require cleaning and not just on the outside. Clean your shoes inside help to remove dirt that accumulates in the area and give them a fresher smell. In the case of leather shoes, sandals or you can use a damp washcloth with soap and a damp cloth to remove dirt, if it is cloth shoes or sneakers should conduct a more thorough cleaning. In our article how clean cloth shoes we explain in detail the proper way to let them perfect.

If you want to avoid the shoes smell bad then always use socks when using cloth shoes, sports or closed. Only sandals and open shoes designed for it to be used without socks, rest is suitable for thereby avoid our feet will feel more hot and will sweat more, which encourage odor.

If you have a couple of very problematic shoes then you can use templates odor control , Special to reduce unpleasant smells and keep your cool and perfect footwear. And if it’s too late to follow all these recommendations and some shoes have an intolerable smell, then I invite you to read our article How to remove smelly shoes , with the best tricks to get rid of this problem sooner than you think.