Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen and give it a new look? If so, the painting is undoubtedly one of the most simple and quick to completely change the look of this space forms. It is important to make it a warm, cozy, comfortable and cozy, and for this you must repair a series of factors before choosing the perfect colors. If you have questions and still do not know exactly how to paint a kitchen, notes the different ideas to paint a kitchen that we show in this article. Be inspired by the one you like!

What to consider before painting

Picking a color to paint the kitchen and ensure that this remains ideal can be a rather complicated task. The key to a nice, balanced and pleasant stay is to take into account a number of factors before making the final choice of tone or tones that will give way to our kitchen image. Rate the following aspects before get it on work:

Quality paint. Whether a matte painting, bright or satin, what really matters is to be of good quality and resistant to the constant cleaning of grease stains and liquids. For these cases, we recommend using 100 Acqua Max, a highly durable enamel does not require solvents .
Space. The space must be taken into account before choosing the color, because the light colors provide amplitude and, conversely, the dark visibly reduced. Further detail what colors are most suitable for each case.

Furniture and appliances. Both the color of the cabinets and the appliances is crucial to choose the tone of the walls of the kitchen, they must make contrast and create a pleasing environment. Tile floors Also, the colors chosen to paint the kitchen must be consistent with and floor tiles; the aim should be a harmony between all tones. Lighting If the kitchen has plenty of natural light, you can choose more bold, intense colors; however, when it is too dark, light colors are preferable to not belittle space.

Large or small kitchen?

Normally, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home and the family members often spend some time, either cooking, eating at the table or enjoying a lively communication between them. Therefore, it is essential to choose paint colors that help to create a warm, friendly atmosphere. And nothing better than to make this choice based on the dimensions of space.

As noted earlier, light or cool colors have the ability to visually expand the space and bring light. So for those small kitchens where it will take a long time, are advisable subtle tones like white, beige, cream, earth, light grays and pastels. Instead, spacious kitchens accept all sorts of colors from clear to those more intense and strident, all about combining the tones of the different elements of the room to create the atmosphere we are looking for. In the following sections, you can see some of our proposals to paint your kitchen according to your tastes and needs.

Kitchen in white

The white is always a good option and although it is recurrent in many rooms of the home, it is also a sure hit for the kitchen. It is ideal for the space to transmit tranquility, peace and serenity, ideal to favor the family atmosphere. In addition, it exudes freshness and hygiene, which is very important to contribute to cleaning up the kitchen. In white kitchens, notes color can be added with different utensils and accessories, so do not have to be a boring alternative.

Kitchen in cream

In the same way that white, the cream shades are perfect to give plenty of light to the smaller kitchens. This neutral color is possible to create a contemporary and very modern room, which also can be added accessories in numerous bright colors to give it a fun and original air. Furthermore, creams and beige tones are amazing with wooden furniture, as a contrast is achieved.

Kitchen in orange

Among the most daring and colorful possibilities, we find the kitchen painted in orange. This color is perfect to give a cheerful appearance to the room, filling it with energy and vitality. Moreover, they say the Orange invites a pleasant communication and increases appetite. If you decant this option, consider the orange in the kitchen combines great with white furniture and light or dark wood tones.

Kitchen in yellow

If you’re into pastels because what you want is to create a more relaxed but at the same time warm atmosphere, the light yellow can be the solution. The result is a very bright space that invite to want to spend time in the kitchen and enjoy the tasks performed there. You can also decanter other more intense yellow if you want your kitchen is very original; these combine superbly with white or gray.

Kitchen in red

The color of passion, red , may be the best option for the more adventurous and passionate about cooking. If your intention is to give prominence to the kitchen above the other rooms and creativity emanate certainly you should lean towards this key so alive. You can combine it with white furniture or for increased contrast with dark furniture to give it a bit of elegance and sobriety.