A well organized and clean refrigerator will always help keep food in good condition for as long as possible while making it easier for us to find what we are looking for quickly. In addition, it is important that there is a good rotation of the products we keep in it and we always keep in mind the expiration date. We will also have to check that the refrigerator works properly and that the temperature is adequate.

organize the refrigerator

What is the ideal temperature of a refrigerator?

The first thing to take into account to be able to place food well in the refrigerator is the temperature that has this in different areas and according to the time of year. This is very important because only in this way will the food be kept in the best possible way and the maximum time.

Thus, according to expert’s manufacturers of these types of appliances and experts in food, so that the cold is well maintained the ideal temperature of the refrigerator is 5ºC and the freezer at -18ºC. However, today it is possible to regulate the temperature of both parts of the refrigerator separately. It is recommended to keep the environment in the part of the refrigerator between 0ºC and 8ºC. In addition, there are different parts of the refrigerator that maintain different degrees than the rest these are the drawers closest to the freezer because they are kept at around 0ºC always.

In addition, it is necessary to know that the end of the refrigerator always has a somewhat lower temperature. Therefore, it is very important never to place the products touching the bottom we must always leave at least a couple of centimeters apart. Knowing this will help us to think about the best distribution of food in the refrigerator. It is very important that grades remain stable for conservation to be effective.

Keep the temperature stable in the refrigerator

Try to open the doors as little as possible and for as little time as possible. Never leave the door open! You should always check that you have closed it properly. Do not overfill the refrigerator, as the cold cannot get well everywhere and the products will be damaged more easily. Do not put food still hot, this would upset the overall temperature and spoil the food.

If you are going to put many products in one go and you will have more time open the door and your refrigerator has super cool function, take advantage of it to cool to the maximum and to keep the grades well maintained to handle the purchase well that time. If you do not have this function better place first what you really need cold urgently and leave the products that can hold out more time to place them later.

How to organize food in the fridge

Now that we know the difference of degrees in the different areas of the refrigerator and the freezer we can organize the refrigerator correctly, according to the needs of each food. To explain easily what is the best way to order and place the food in the refrigerator we will detail in each zone which are the products that will best be preserved.

Refrigerator Drawers

There are refrigerators in the refrigerator only have a large drawer, others have two and others up to four. They are suitable for keeping fresh foods that can be stored well without bags or lunch boxes. In this part, we mainly store vegetables vegetables and fruits. If there are several drawers, we must place them in the ones that are down, closer to the freezer. In the drawers above, we will put meats and fish because the grades are the most suitable for this meal.

In this other shelf, we will place the lunch boxes with food cooked and ready to consume. That is to say foods that we have prepared in advance or remains, the cans, the bottles and the open jars, since they need to be kept in cold but at a temperature too cold like there is in the lower parts.