Want a green product for washing dishes by hand? Lucky you! And although in supermarkets all dish washing soaps are made ​​with chemicals, can produce it yourself / a at home with a few ingredients. Thus, pollute less and, therefore, we will be helping the environment but will also be beneficial to our hands, because these natural cleansers are not at all aggressive. Lets talk about how to make homemade dishwasher.

So do not wait to discover in this article how to make homemade dishwasher step.

The first step in preparing your homemade soap dishes will grate the soap glycerin, neutral or pure. To do this, you just need a grater that you use regularly in the kitchen; it is more appropriate to book one exclusively for the manufacture of soap and do not mix with those who come into contact with food. Also, note that in some drugstores and supermarkets you can also find soap flakes neutral that will be ideal for this task and you can skip this step.


Then you should put in a saucepan white vinegar and water and light the fire to go warming at half power. At the moment it begins to boil, reduce heat and keep to a minimum.

The next step will be adding the ingredients one by one to the saucepan to medium heat with gas again and stirring ; It is essential that before pouring an ingredient you make sure that the above is completely dissolved. So, first add the thick, then the lemon juice, grated soap and, finally, sodium bicarbonate salt.

Once you have poured all components of homemade dishwasher, you will get results in a uniform and homogeneous mixing of a whitish color. Cool completely before packaging it and use it to leave your dishes, cutlery and glasses clean. We recommend that overreaches a bottle of dish washing liquid soap or purchase so it will be more practical to use the soap dispenser.