The folded towels representing different forms of different animals are very common in hotels or cruise ships. It is very easy to do this kind of figures that will decorate your home stays, as well as the bathroom or guest room. If you want to surprise your family with this original idea notes. we teach you how to fold a towel swan-shaped, simple a craft to decorate your home and impress your guests.

On a flat surface , spread a bath towel horizontally. Try to be large enough, then you have to work doing various folds.

Then fold the corners of the towel . Make it to the center. Remember being a rectangular towel edges will not aligned at the bottom.

Roll the edges up to the middle. Upon completion of this step you should watch the towel left with a shape resembling that of an arrow pointing upward.

a towl

Once you have your arrow, fold it to form a “Z” . It is simple, the points of the bottom of the arrow should form the bottom of the “Z” and the highest point of the arrow to be the top of the “Z”.

Then squeeze the sides and edges of the Z . You’ll have to get some curves to form, as this is what will shape the swan. And you have your towel swan !

If you want to make two swans intertwined, repeats all the above steps with another towel. Decor is sure will not leave anyone indifferent.

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If you play with the sizes of towels you can create different measures swans. Create a swan family! You can add your swans everything you want and play with the colors of the towels. For example, if you wear a blue base, you can create a lake. Create all swans with the same material and texture. Thus the result will be even more spectacular and realistic.