The chalkboard paint has become a very popular alternative to give our space a creative twist as well as utilitarian, is that where you are gives us the ability to write or draw (in the case of children) so customizing simply any area of the house. Do you want to use but you need a little inspiration ?, No problem because are some ideas for you to discover how to decorate with chalkboard paint and give it a unique touch to furniture and home areas.

chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint wall in the kitchen

An easy and great way to target outstanding to buy things, the best recipes, decorating with creativity or leave messages to your family or roommates are having a slate wall in the kitchen . This area is perfect to have a full column or wall that can serve as a giant space to record important details that do not want to forget.

This idea is ideal for decorated in neutral colors like white or gray and also some space areas with kitchens. If your kitchen is very small then it is recommended that instead of painting an entire wall opt only for a column, and avoid the space look even smaller.

Chalkboard paint on comfortable

Restoring antique furniture is very fashionable, but do not always have the skills to do it properly. Therefore, a great solution to recover the old furniture and give it a new and creative touch is using chalkboard paint in any of the comfortable rooms of the house. So you can write in every drawer contents, let yourself positive statements or customize as you like. This idea is perfect for the smaller room that will be thrilled to be able to draw and write like furniture provided.

Calendar chalkboard paint

If you do not want to overlook any commitment, celebration, festive or important date, then you’ll need a big calendar ! So nothing better to allocate a house wall, preferably near the area of work or study, in which you can make a calendar chalkboard paint a large scale. So it will be impossible to forget any important event.

Pots with chalkboard paint labels

Want to use chalkboard paint in a more simple and discreet way? If you do not want to paint large walls, columns or furniture, an excellent and useful way to use it is creating labels for your glass jars. Whether you choose to identify them from the front or on top, this painting may help to give a vintage feel fabulous to boats in your kitchen, your pots with spices and containers in which you store your tools to sew or do crafts .