The garden should start to decorate itself and especially to take care of it long before summer. So once the weather is nice, you can enjoy it fully. In addition, spring breaks many second homes are also made, so it’s not something that can take only two months a year. There are many things to do and keep in mind, like adding a garden shed using american steel buildings. We leave ideas on how to decorate the garden for the summer to be ready from day one.

how to decorate

Clean and prepare

The first thing is to do a thorough cleaning of all plants that have been damaged during the winter. Also prepare the soil and renew the substrates. Do not forget either of potting soil. If you have grass, studying if you need to replace it in some area; or if you’re going to put artificial turf it is time to start looking. It is always advisable to have a floored area with either tile or wood (care that is treated for exterior wood). You can create an outdoor dining this area. Throw in a porch so the sun does not shine directly and be inconvenient when used.

The family area

Create a space where you can gather the whole family. One option is the outdoor dining table . Who does not like to share with friends while Saturdays note light on the face and shares a rich barbecue? To build this area, you need only a table and chairs. For the table, you can opt for an extensible finished with you to tailor the number of people every day. For chairs, something comfortable and, above all, remember you have to be tough. Enough of falls by broken legs!

The chairs you can buy at convenience stores are usually cheap but very unstable, besides not resist stress well use. we prefer to spend a little more but be sure not to end up on the floor. Soon begins to look and buy chairs and garden furniture so you can choose worthwhile. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, it is something you should consider. For example, one of the leaders of furniture online, we like the Snow chair a specialist chairs. It takes two weeks because it is made ​​in Italy, but others may take longer.

Another option is to create a lounge area where you can both do the desktop, like sharing a good time to talk. Fortunately, many companies offer outdoor furniture sofas dream, super modern and comfortable. And forget about materials such as rattan (a misnomer because it spoils quickly); buy furniture polyethylene resins. Much more modern and even some leading light!

Local leisure

They may consist of a pool. Take a relaxing swim in your own pool is a luxury, so take advantage of it. But both enjoy time in the water and out. Do not forget to place a lounger where to get some sun, though in perspective that is very healthy for the skin and body. And if you have young kids, grab a chair where you can sit and watch them. You can also purchase outdoor toys such as houses, ball pools, sandboxes. They will have fun and they can invite their friends and better relate to them.

To leave a blank mind

Finally, do not forget that the garden and nature are the ideal place to reflect, think and let your imagination. How many times have you wanted to be on a desert island to leave you alone? Actually that would be fine for a while, but then it would be horrible. Therefore, it is important to create a place to go to unwind, regain strength and conquer the world.

Each person may need different things. It may be, for example, a corner of the garden surrounded by plants and flowers where you only need a chair and a coffee table . Or something more zen with a fountain, which you would either a mat or carpet, you can even be the ideal place to practice yoga or pilates. And yes, you read correctly, outdoor rugs . We like those of Vondom because it has a super original designs. But if you have a luxury sea view or mountain, do not waste it, grab a sunbed and convert this area into your lair.

Manufacturers warranty

To take no unpleasant surprises with the furniture, we recommend that you buy products specialized firms because they are much more resistant and durable; and above all, are manufactured with materials and processes adapted to the stress will suffer in outdoor areas. For example, Vondom of which we have already spoken, Slide, New Majestic Garden Garden Bysteel or are some of them.