Would you like your plants and flowers look with its own light? Then you have to give an original look to your pots. More and more households show a fun and personalized decoration in some items from home so why not decorate the pots of various shapes? we will propose different ideas for you to learn how to decorate pots in an easy, economical and very visual way result. Do you dare to try? Lets talk about how to decorate pots.

how to decorate

A good way to decorate pots is to use a rope of straw that will give a touch very vintage to your pot. To make it, you only have to scroll around the pot rope applying before, a little glue to keep it static and does not move.

If you want the appearance more colorful, you only have to pick up some paint and divide the string into different blocks of color, for example, and make a line of red color, otherwise leave it the natural color of Esperanto and another in a yellow tone. Unleash your imagination!

If you want to give a tropical touch to your home, you can choose to decorate your potted plant some seeds or coffee beans . To do so, it is best to first hit the seeds on paper carton, and then you paste the paper to the pot. To add a touch brighter, you can finish your interior varnish having a little above and get the result is as the image.

Another idea is to personalize your pots paint with original colors and shapes . The best way to make designs like the attached image is first prepare a template out of cardboard, for example, that the stroke is firm. Once you have the template with your design, you only have to choose the color that you want to decorate (You can also use a spray paint) and paint pot.

If you like the wash tape , a good way to give an original look to the pots of your home is to use it. They are about stickers that come with a design or certain forms and only have to place them in your pots in the area you want. Note that you can make in a minimalist way (as we show in the picture) or, if you want, you can give a touch of fun inserting different pieces in the pot to have different shapes and colors.

If you want to give an original touch to your pots, you can opt for a simple trick but visually very aesthetic: it comes to you to take the usual tweezers with which you tend your clothes and hit the pot with glue. You can also try colored plastic clips to give more colorful. If you want, it is also a good idea to paint the calipers (for example you can decorate it with moles or write a sentence on them) so will have a unique twist and 100% personnel.