The decor requires money, and involves a high cost if not satisfied with something minimalist and classless. If you want to decorate your home without spending a lot, then we bring you the tricks that will help you get it. You just have to implement your imagination and creativity with these simple suggestions, using colored candles, restoring your old furniture or using mirrors. In advising on how to decorate my apartment with little money .

how to decorate my apartment

Plan the style of your apartment

The main thing is to know what you need and what your apartment budget have. You can make a list of those objects and furniture that you want to throw and those you’d like to keep. Then choose what the tone of the room, on what palette colors will work. You must also choose a style of decoration for the whole house, as this will maintain a common thread in all rooms. A smart idea is to work based on what you have available. That is, choose the style and color palette as the furniture you have at home and do not want to shoot. You can be inspired by images you find online or in decorating magazines.

Restored furniture

The furniture usually weaken over time, but you can always give them a second chance. Simply restore , and thus you can save money on buying new. The restoration process involves sanding furniture, paint and employable if you see necessary.

Sale of second hand

Get rid of what you do not need! But do not throw that is in good condition. You can take a lot of money if you sell like thrift . And this will give you the opportunity to buy other items and accessories to decorate your home. Remember you can buy and sell second hand goods on the internet.

Cheap Decorative Accessories

Do you teach a trick that you’ll love? Buy items of low cost that allow you to customize your apartment, such as candles, cushions, pictures, vases, flower pots, photo frames, clocks and posters. The colorful candles are a great idea to decorate with little money , and also are really lovely home. Also grab some plant pot life and will fill all your apartment giving a green touch. Another good idea? Take several glasses of glass of different sizes or shapes and then enter crumbling stones or colored chalk . You see how cool!

Painting walls

Minta each room a different color if you want! This will vibrancy and dynamism to your home, and your walls will look like new with just a coat of paint. The paint is cheap and allows you to play with feelings and give light to the rooms. Also you do not need to hire a professional: paint yourself and save a lot of money !

Mirrors that illuminate

Another interesting option would be to use mirrors to expand the dimensions of the rooms. On the other hand, mirrors bring light reflexes, something very important at home, because a lit space with this element enables you to save considerably on electricity.

Do not throw it!

Everything can have a second income, you just have to have a little imagination. For example, did you know that a trunk can make the times table for tea? Its dual functionality lets you save not only money but space. Do not like the aesthetics of the trunk? Place a sheet or nice tablecloth over and go!