A man’s house is his castle, and the living is within their domains. Decorate living room with a picture that will last and always appreciate is not as difficult as it might seem challenging; add some key details that suit your tastes personal will make all the difference.


Colors, textures and fabrics

For the base color in the room, choose earthy and neutral tones that complement the other colors in the room. For colors to accent, think outside what you usually includes dark red or green; using these colors for the walls and adding texture with silver or gold you can succeed in creating an elegant image, especially when done on a small wall or area. For a more traditional image, consider painting the highest walls in neutral tones and smaller in a contrasting color. The furniture fabric can help achieve the overall picture of the room; chamois skin or corrugated are both classic and stylish, yet comfy. To cover the windows, smooth wood blinds accentuate the room’s decor without stealing attention.

How to decorate living room

The bar

The living room is probably also the entertainment area, so take advantage of the space by installing a wet bar. This need not be a difficult task and take a long time as a closet or cabinet can easily become a small bar. Depending on how the distribution of the room, it could be a simple matter to install a small refrigerator in a corner out of the way or in the closet or cabinet. A search of the local antique shop can give you many options for cabinets. Make sure you have shelves for glasses; for easy access, consider building shelves at different levels within the cabinet for bottles of different sizes. It can also be a good place to put a coffee maker or espresso machine for guests who do not drink alcohol.


Decorating the walls

Think like a man when it comes to selecting artwork for the walls; There are many ways to create an image that indicates definitely that the living room belongs to a man. Consider old car advertisements or alcohol, a series of ads for the same product and Guinness promotions, sports team or a manufacturer of cars in particular, for example. You can also create a series of shelves to a wall that catches your eye. Consider showing some fine liqueur bottles, a collection of fine sporting goods, books covered skin, decorations or old clocks. Replicas of weapons are also a possibility, especially for those who want a touch of Renaissance or medieval room.


Fish tank

There are a variety of tanks of different sizes and shapes so I’m sure there will be one that fits well in your corner or sturdy piece of furniture to the wall. If this is going to be a main point of interest in the room, consider building a small wall of glass blocks in which to place the tank or bowl. Do not forget that the tank does not need to have fish inside. While there is nothing wrong with a common aquarium with tropical fish, remember to consider turtles, seahorses, frogs or lizards. However, the tank will be a focal point and conversation piece and something you can see and relax.