The homes of today are not very large, so the rooms and / or small sink is usually small . But that’s no problem if we know how to decorate a small bathroom to maximize space . This is possible thanks to the various design tricks that can be applied in small rooms that seem to be more spacious and airy. Here we give you some tips of how to decorate a small bathroom to maximize space.

small sink

The walls have to be pastel or neutral colors because light colors Augmentan space and make the bathroom look larger and wider . If you do not like pastel colors, you can choose a blue or green to give a touch of color and so highlight the bathroom. For your shower or bath, you can choose a translucent glass screen and so will achieve the bathroom look larger . Or pudes put a shower curtain of any design you like and take advantage to give a touch of color in your bathroom.

You have to remove the lavatory and buy a recessed sink in bathroom furniture. This way you will take advantage more space because you can place different objects inside the cabinet that you need for your bathroom , such as soap or towels can be among other things. This way you will optimize the space. You can decorate the bathroom with different acessorios order to give a personal and unique touch to your bathroom. Use flowers, a design object, etc.

Purchase a large mirror for your bathroom and get spaciousness. Also, if your bathroom has a window, put the mirror sow it to reflect more light and airy feel. To give a touch of style to your bathroom , you can choose different towels and matching accessories. That is, following the same line style and color and fit well with the color of your bathroom walls and shade of your choice. To read more articles like how to decorate a small sink for space , we recommend you enter our category of Interior or subscribe to our newsletter