If you have imagination and aesthetic taste it will not be very difficult to achieve an attractive and functional decor in this small room, which with proper furniture layout, use of color and the light will become a very welcoming place. Because everything has advantages if we seize them. For example, this small lounge will offer us an environment of privacy and it can receive and socialize with a small number of close friends or relatives. Surely you will love it, but yes, you have to be ready to take advantage when the light coming through the windows and not place heavy curtains. Same avoid large and hanging lamps and ceiling that radiates select a clear light.

how to decorate a small room


About furniture selectivity is key factor if you do not want to have a clutter environment. Choose those multifunctional, attractive design, colors that go well with the color of the walls of the room. Never pretend to clog the space with sofas and four parts equally large armchairs, tables not crammed everywhere or stereos, TV or computers furniture.


a large sofa can only be used, according to the structure of space complemented with two tables on either side, replacing more placed in the center. They should be placed against the wall to leave as much free space in the center. Like two comfortable armchairs, of medium proportions, with a small table, multi-useful drawers for storing objects-you can get between them. Never pretend to clog the space with sofas and four parts equally large seats, not tables everywhere with various ornaments, stereos, TV or computers.Only what is necessary and functional must lie in that place you decorate Esmeralda in a personal and attractive touch.


The brightness of the small living room you intend to leave ready to surprise family and friends, because it makes you excited about having an intimate corner, you can also reach it with a light-colored floor, painted in pastels, neutral tones walls, all combined with the furniture also soft tones. Insist on leaving windows and doors open where light penetrates without blocking with heavy curtains, because all this together will give an illusion of greater amplitude than if you had used darker shades.