Today, the trend in building homes and apartments is that they are small , as well as its price is reduced. This means that when decorating maybe we can not carry out the idea we had in mind for lack of space. Thus, it is necessary to give back some more to get a good result in the decoration of a small house, maximizing the space available. If you come here and want to know some tricks, do not miss this article on how to decorate a small apartment .

how to decorate a small apartment

The color of the walls is one of the factors that most influence, since the walls of light colors make small spaces appear larger. Thus, you should choose to paint your walls white or some other color to clear amplitude. You can find more information in our article How to Choose Colors for painting a room.

As for the decor, minimalist or modern is the most suitable for small apartments, because it requires little furniture and so you can save space. See the ideas that we offer here on How to decorate a space with minimalist style .

In this way, you should opt for the bare minimum furnishings and always simple lines. This will complement the decorative accessories that present a uniform image.

The natural light is another of your allies to make your little floor space seem larger. As far as possible, you must place windows on windows that encourage natural light throughout. For example, if you replace the windows, trying to be sliding.

Among the types of lighting , the halogen light is recommended to project more widely and illuminate the spaces where natural light does not reach. Also, some fixtures like portholes allow direct the light where most interests you, and going in at the ceiling or wall will save you space; You can see here how to install portholes .

When decorating a small apartment , also decapitate light colors: white, beige, green, pearl gray … and give a touch of color for contrast. Also, the mirrors must be essential in any small flat. We recommend a very creative idea for reusing old rackets and turn them into mirrors, see here step by step .