Want to give your room a unique touch and 100% organic? Then head over to the decor recycled and learn to reuse materials such as cans, fruit boxes and even worn tires. You get your room shine through him and to achieve a very personal and unique touch. Read this article in which how to decorate a room with recycled material .

how to decorate room

We started with a very simple proposal to make and is perfect to have shelves in the great room to store your books, put your photos or simply decorate the wall. It is the fruit boxes reuse easily find markets or greengrocers.

First of all, you should cleanse deeply the box and give it a coat of paint; in case you want to keep your natural color, it is best to opt for giving a varnish layer to thereby improve its appearance and make it brighter. The rest is easy: choose the amount you want and hang them on the wall with the help of screws . It will be great!

Now let’s propose a decorative detail that will seamlessly into your room and for which only need three things: clothespins, a can of tuna and small candles. This way, you will have a beautiful green candle which illuminates every corner of your room giving you a completely unique look.

Before you start making your craft recycled , it is important that you clean the can well to remove any tuna or oil that has been impregnated. Then you only have to take with tweezers the edge of the can and, when ready, add the candle inside.

If you want to create a super Original shelf, you only have to make a ladder you no longer use . Thanks to the steps that in each step, we can put the books well and have a completely different from the rest library, so.

To make this furniture, you’ll be given a coat of varnish or paint the ladder to improve your appearance, then you only have to nail it to the wall horizontally to the ground and leaving a gap from the wall to books they can stand and not fall. If you have more than a ladder you can make a shelf corner as you see in the picture, it will be great!

If you want a nightstand ecological and perfect for you, you will have her drawing an old tire. This craft is much more complicated than the previous ones because it requires prior knowledge of some aspects of yourself, because you have to attach the legs to the rim ass.

To make a table like the image you need Esperanto rope, drill and glue. The first thing you have to do is cover the wheel and plunge Esperanto fixing with nails thus be immobilized. Once you’re ready, you only have to place the legs and look, so a single table.